Cover : 7.4 linear meters = 1 square m. We can mill this profile in 135mm or 87mm as cedar cladding. The tongues should be the same size as used in horizontal cladding however you can now use the traditional v-joint board system. You can use open jointed boards for vertical cladding but this is not recommended because you have to consider the amount of moisture and direct sunlight that gets to breather membrane. It is available in a range of species (the tree that the timber originated from) and is machined to a range of profiles (which determines the way the pieces fit together). When combined with other timber weatherboard styles or building material such as brick, stone and masonry, then the appearance and the texture looks stunning. PTGV Face fix Timber cladding. Tongue and groove with a v-joint is the most popular profile of contemporary timber cladding used in the UK; primarily because of its versatility. The secret Fix profile should be screwed with minimum 4.5x40mm long screws. For an exterior solution that combines long-lasting function with sophistication, quality timber weatherboards and cladding are an excellent option. Vertical cladding may be where tongued and grooved boards are at their most effective but you may want to consider not exceeding 125mm face width so that any moisture spreading across the board will not make the tongue disengage. Profile & Dimensions. This profile can be used for horizontal or vertical applications. The unique nature of these timbers (40+ years durability) allows for a zero oiling/staining maintenance finish … The … Our slow grown Siberian Larch is durable and dense, making it one of the best available in the UK. International Timber offer a choice of timbers to meet a wide scope of cladding applications. Applications : Can be used horizontally and vertically. Timber Appearance Our 28 x 70mm Narrow Planed Rhombus UTK Secret Fix tongue and groove Rainscreen Larch closed construction Battens are a versatile profile for use on many building projects, such as cladding, closed gap construction still maintaining the full rainscreen effect. Available in 3 channel widths, our profile can be fixed vertically, horizontally or diagonally to achieve a range of different finishes to make a statement in any project. Board on board arrangements are the most versatile forms of vertical cladding, you can make use of simple rectangular boards but the top and bottom boards can have their widths varied to give different effects. Here’s why: Adds warmth and natural appeal.Whether you’re building a new house or a commercial space, external timber cladding can’t be beaten for stylish street appeal. Our standard range of halflap profiles offers a choice of shadow gap depth ranging from 2mm to 11mm to suit specific design requirements. You can utilise an insect mesh placed directly behind boards across the whole face of the cladding for your advantage. We used a beautiful warm colour of larch cladding and installed Box Profile steel roofing sheets keep the rain out. Tongue and groove cladding is one of the most versatile profile types available because of its wide range of uses including gates, garden screens, fencing and cladding. Machined profiles without tongue and groove . Timber cladding is becoming increasingly more popular as a facing material, replacing brick or rendered finishes. For vertical cladding a rebated overlapping board (similar to the horizontal shiplap boards) is frequently used in North Europe, however it is not used very often in the UK. Timber cladding is a widely-used, common exterior finish for buildings; 'cladding' refers to a covering for a structure, as well as all the components attached to achieve this. Vulcan Cladding is manufactured with a vertical grain orientation, which means the weatherboards have great stability, even in harsh conditions. Vertical Larch Cladding: Smart Build Supplies supplied fresh sawn vertical home grown Larch boarding to clad a utility building for clients in Devon. For vertical cladding a rebated overlapping board (similar to the horizontal shiplap boards) is frequently used in North Europe, however it is not used very often in the UK. 253941 Vertical Shiplap. Fix with stainless steel ring shank nails on the front face. Our iWood 2021 Desktop Calendars are now available! Instead the timber is rebated at the rear for each piece to slide into one another. WB10 profile is a secret fix … It is typically fixed vertically, although often used horizontally as well in addition to mixed orientation cladding to break up a large cladding expanse. Cladding provides an attractive, lasting and durable finish for both internal and external applications. iWood profiles best suited to vertical cladding: A selection of products for cladding buildings with timber, In reference to GDPR, iWood has updated its, ©iWood Timber 2021 - Unit 1C, Airfield Industrial Estate, Hixon, Stafford, ST18 0PF - Registration No. Shadow Cladding - 125 x 19mm Ship-Lap Cladding- 128 x 19mm Rusticated Cladding - 127 x 19mm (Horizontal Direction Only) V-Joint - 80 x 12mm (Internal Use Only) Board Lengths- Random length packs. Click here to see a detailed side-by-side comparison of iWood's available external timber cladding profiles. Vertical shiplap weatherboards cladding produces a contemporary impression with sharp straight vertical grooves creating distinctive shadow lines. This profile is for vertical fixing and creates a pronounced 10mm square shadow gap which uses natural sunlight to visually enhance the building. Shingles are timber tapered ‘tiles’ which are fixed overlapping one … Vertical Fixing Method Plan View: Prevailing weather direction of boards for vertical fixing method Radial Secret Fix Shiplap (Square Edge Profile) 38x20, 70x20mm, 90x20mm & 110x20mm (Board cover) Stainless steel screw as appropriate or Hot Dipped Galvanized ring shank nail as appropriate (See NCC Vol 1: Timber Cladding). This grooving gives the boards the ability to work effectively as a roof finish. The V Grooved boards are 6.1m long for quick application, proving especially handy and economical for high walls. As long as there is a 20mm overlap this profile does work well when used vertically and produces a strong shadow line. Add unmatched style and quality to your project with Cedar Sales’ outstanding range of cedar cladding profiles that stand out from the crowd. GreenSpec accepts no responsibility or liability for any damages or costs of any type arising out of or in any way connected with your use of this web site. Silva Timber's wood cladding profiles include trim boards/fascia boards, channel, tongue and groove, rainscreen, bevel, shiplap, weatherboard and board on board. Metals: Production & Environmental Impact, Toxic Chemistry: Chemicals in Construction, Building Dismantling: Re-use & Recycling. This is a very simple profile giving a flush finish and a clear shadow line. Please choose Items you would like to keep. Vertical or Horizontal Cladding Vulcan Cladding can be used in vertical or horizontal applications. 981326607, Click here to see all of iWood's cladding profiles. The timber we source is of the highest quality and our in-depth knowledge means we can recommend the right species to suit your application. External Cladding. Here they are all shown together for comparison. There are two categories of weatherboard: Vertical cladding - usually a tongue and groove profile giving a flush finish. Please note that the sizes of the images may not be in proportion, please only rely on the stated dimensions. Square Groove boards are available in 5.4m only. Vee Joint Series A uniquely traditional profile, Vee joint cladding has been widely used over time in the new build and renovation market. We have a range of profiles suited for our wide range of exterior timber cladding available at Latham Timber. Various modern profiles are available, including vertical shiplap and bevel back. Greenspec is Data Protection Act (DPA) registered. A 20-25mm overlap is preferable between outer and inner boards. All profiles are 19mm thick unless otherwise stated. ... Search for Timber Profiles … American White Oak Profiles; Cedar Profiles; Cladding; Decking; Earthen Radiata Exterior Profiles ; Earthen Radiata Interior Profiles ; Exterior Timber Cleaning Products; Fixings; Flooring; Flooring Finishing Kits; Flooring Underlay; ... Foreverbeech™ Internal Corner for Vertical Shiplap. 3.0m lengths. To gauge a comparison, check out our recent guides on shiplap , feather edge , and waney edge cladding and discover which profile … Diagonal timber cladding angles the boards at 45 degrees and fixes them to vertical battens, or sometimes even diagonal battens which still allows for the run off of any moisture in the cavity. As long as there is a 20mm overlap this profile does work well when used vertically and produces a strong shadow line. Created from Abodo’s thermally modified New Zealand plantation timber for superior beauty, durability and weathering characteristics. The simplest way of vertically cladding is to use ‘board-on-board’ cladding which is made up of an inner layer of spaced apart boards with a layer of outer boards fixed to cover any gaps. Horizontal cladding - often a shiplap profile with a 5mm (or larger) shadow-line providing a flush finish. We often install a shadow-line at the join to provide relief and texture. Greenspec® is a registered trademark No. The iWood website uses "cookies" to remember things such as what you have in your shopping basket. from NZ$ 114.55. Tongue And Groove Shiplap You can also run grooves near the edges both outer and inner boards for drainage purposes. Stability. Order a sample here. Once the grooves have been installed they provide an effective pressure release and drainage channel. The advantage of a lapped profile over a tongue and groove design is that it is possible to remove a single board if it is damaged, or you need access behind it, rather than having to strip half the wall. Download v13-shiplap-sharp-curve-panel.skp, Download v14-shiplap-grad-curve-panel.skp. We supply a range of profiles to align with any style of building and can advise on which product is right for you. We supply this profile in the SertiWOOD Viking Range painted cladding, Siberian Larch Tongue and Groove Viking, Siberian larch UTK Rhombus. The following profiles are currently available for our external timber cladding. If so, Wholesale timber for trade and private / residential customers. As both a light-weight and workable material, cedar timber is the preferred timber wall cladding choice for architects, designers, renovators, and building contractors alike. Our range of fixings and systems are designed by Austrian Timber Engineers to make cladding look better and last longer. Niagara produces a castellated vented cavity batten for the best installation of vertical cladding when a cavity is required. There’s no better place to find sustainable hardwood timber cladding Quality external and internal wall cladding materials do not need to come at a cost to the environment. Halflap cladding can be fixed vertically and horizontally although care should be taken to select the correct profile version (Ref technical page). > Brooks Bros timber cladding is available in standard profile patterns and dimensions, is supplied unfinished (for natural weathering) or pre-finished (with a coating or finish to various specifications including NBS M60). A range of enhanced services is available, including fire treatment, factory coating and colour matching, which can speed up your installation process and reduce project costs. Western Red Cedar, Siberian Larch and Radiata Pine available. V Joint cladding is available in both 70x19mm and 90x19mm sizes and must be face fixed. Vertical shiplap weatherboards cladding produces a contemporary impression with sharp straight vertical grooves creating distinctive shadow lines.Vertical Shiplap weatherboards without a rigid wall underlay are suitable up to very high windzones. Vulcan Cladding is suitable for coating in darker colours, and is a renewable alternative to Western Red Cedar timber cladding. Continuing our series on different timber cladding profiles, this article delves into some tips and advice when using tongue and groove cladding. Are you an iWood Superfan?! > Brooks Bros timber cladding is supplied to British product standards (eg BS EN 942, BS1186 -3:1990, BS8605-1 and Timeless timber cladding – it never goes out of style. Milled from reclaimed telephone poles (heartwood containing no nasty treatments), the cladding is machined into various New Zealand building code compliant profiles. To allow for more modelling on the timber frame so that you can shape the outer board in a number of different ways. When using cladding for any external applications, durability is the main factor for consideration. This method can be used for surface modelling by adjusting the widths of … Installing vertical cladding (new build) Installing vertical cladding (existing buildings) ... BS EN 15146 Solid softwood paneling and cladding. Neither GreenSpec nor any of its partners shall be liable for any errors in the content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon. The cladding is profiled from durable Silvertop Ash hardwood boards that overlap to produce a continuous vertical or horizontal cladding system. 7060853 - VAT No. We are committed to supplying weatherboard types that are sourced ethically and responsibly to ensure our planet does not have to pay the price of unsustainable manufacturing. Lengths 900mm and greater. Russwood’s Scotlarch® is carefully air-dried to approximately 16 – 18% (+/- 2%), the optimal moisture content for external larch cladding. TG&S cladding looks particularly impressive when illuminated at night. Timbers : western red cedar, Siberian Larch or Thermowood. Data and information is provided for information purposes only, and is not intended for trading purposes. It can be installed vertically, horizontally or even diagonally to create a modern finish. Vertical Shadow Gap Cedar Cladding. Vertical timber cladding profiles include: Matchboard t&g, board-on-board, half-lap Vertical Shadow Gap Half Lap Cladding is a variation of the standard profile without the Tongue & Groove.

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