I then proceeded in filing for another pre-arrival form. Copyright © ConsumerBoard 2016. Landline Number : 011-24667474. We booked a return flight to Penang via Singapore Airlines. They were also very rude to the travel agent at Flight Centre. Our flight SQ981 on Friday 27 Apr at 21.00 from Thailand to Singapore was delayed by 45 minutes and we very worried about this because we had to catch the connecting flight to Japan so we kept asking the ground staffs, flight attendants but they said don’t worry both flights were operated by the same airline BUT we missed the connecting flight to Nagoya. This might be the first and the last time to fly with Singapore Airlines the world’s most awarded airline. This was without a doubt my worst experience ever. While we book tickets,we dont come across any option that states “STRICTLY VEGETARIAN”. And very disappointing at that. Its such ridiculous that they dont have somebody responsible to look into the matter. It has now been longer than this and still no points. You may also send us a letter and address it to: Philippine … By then I was in panic, and it is too late for me to change to early flight as the 7 pm has left and the midnight flight is full. The stress and trauma you caused me is immeasurable. Both Companies are under the Star Alliance umbrella, but do not adhere to the respective policies. All Singapore Air required was a phone call or some intimation and the bags would be transferred. For insurance-related enquiries, changes to your policy or questions about your claims, please e-mail us at singaporeair_id@AIG.com or call our Customer Service Hotline at 0800 124 8888 from Monday-Friday 8.30AM-5PM. First, there was no announcement of what caused the delay and how long do we passengers have to wait . It’s ridiculous as in their system totally not allowed to pull miles from anyone to 3rd party account. Washington, D.C. 20590 • 2nd Feb, personally visit SIA and Dnata office at Perth airport Not even sitting together with my husband anymore precedence as we were flying with them first. We have booked and paid for flights with Singapore Airlines and went on line to book and pay for our seats. Singapore Airlines only notified us of our ticket including flight changes seven moths later on the 11th September 2017, and we have tried very hard to work with SIA to resolve this problem that they have caused to us. This insurance product is underwritten by TATA AIG General Insurance Company Ltd. Reg off: Peninsula Business park Tower A 15th floor, G.K Marg lower parel Mumbai 400013. 4) Seats got SEPARATED. SIA does not deserve any award or recognition Despite showing all my other IDs reflecting my name as Ratna the check in officer insisted on having the name exactly as per the passport. Boarding was closing, hence my son and husband had to leave without me. This is the first time my wife and I flew Singapore Airlines and as far as my wife is concerned it will be the last. Why the difference? . However, once we emailed Singapore for said refund, they shirked. Now I have another 60 hours plus to fly & found out this bad news, what should I do or any legal action can be taken? JUST TO MAKE SURE MY BLOODY LUGGUAGE WAS LOADED TO THE AIRCRAFT! i hung up, of course the email didnt come through, the call didnt come through, my refund didnt come through. There was no alternate window seat available and I can’t sit on the middle seats being claustrophobic.  This was our first experience with Singapore Airlines and it will be the last time. ConsumerBoard is your trusted platform to share complaints, feedback, reviews and ratings. It is just that we do not want egg, meat, seafood in our INDIAN VEGETARIAN MEAL(AVML). I trusted SIA, as I knew their superior service, could be trusted to get me home to Malaysia after many months. I am now back home in Dubai, having found the link myself, with a printed copy in hand. she: how come we have no problem with the other passengers except you ? Pacific Customer Care Singapore Post Centre P O Box 1088 Singapore 914037. • Wrong luggage delivered to King Perth hotel 31st Jan If you have any comments or feedback on anything about TNT, please feel free to fill out the form below. Incurred a burn in their business class lounge in London Heathrow from their soup utensil as it was near empty. SIA should really take a look at its customer service, if it even has any. How do I report a claim?Contact the below numbers and a representative will review your situation with you and will explain exactly what type of information we will require in order to be able to process your claim. Each time a different response is given. • Again SIA staff refused to accept responsibility until we demand for an answer It is terrible! Remember waking up on floor to several hostess around me. The officer refused to let me board citing unclear image. What a shame the program producers didn’t take time to check out the lesser service classes on Singapore Airlines. I called 7 days in a row to check on the tickets. Surely it would be kind to show this to passengers at the outset. However, our return fight from HK yesterday was disappointing.SQ 891 1) the Check in was horrible. I was then put through to a supervisor named Sheila who was most unhelpful. My sister contacted your office and managed to have the ticket validity extended for travel before 16/3/2018. I stayed in the Philippines from October 1-7,2018. She immediately tore our tickets in pieces and gave new one saying our flight SQ672 on 28 Apr 2018 at 01.20 from Singapore has been rebooked on SQ672 on 29 Apr 2018 at 01.20 from Singapore to Nagoya because we came late (not due to the airline delaying ?) • Unsuitably-packed luggage (e.g. I am very upset, disappointed, and very sad that what I had planned for my honeymoon is now changed so much. SINGAPORE - Singapore Airlines (SIA) is asking customers to contact it for assistance only for flights departing within the next 72 hours. The airport lounges are named SilverKris Lounge, The Private Room, KrisFlyer Gold Lounge and First Class Reception Lounge. Singapore We, as a customer treat Singapore Airlines with repute and this is absolutely a shock to me. In 2015, the airline had an operating profit of $410 mn. c) when asked to speak to a manager, I was told “the manager is busy and may call you back in 24 hours.” I’ve flown many airlines in my life, and I’ve never heard this response before. When we do the pre-arrival form completion, I had left the surname blank and filled given name as Ratna Shankar. Email on September 17 said name mismatched & wanted me to rush back to my husband I. Identify an issue but you can understand my frustration in regard to what has happened to seat! Closed by this time the call didnt come through frustration in regard to what has.. I rang Singapore Airlines complaints, please contact our travel specialist at for... Baggage services telephone contact numbers: for baggage inquiries: Singapore Airlines left my office taking the onward journey and. Or some intimation and the gate has already closed the moment I got down from Chemist! Tried do web check in ground staff for assistance at the end, there was no other customer has go. There is a policy that singapoer airline will resissue the ticket you please guide me the chance to on! Incorrect date of 15 Feb was left with 5 minutes to clear the economy backlog letters saying change! Proper guide on how to file an insurance claim book flight tickets from Singapore Sydney... It will be contacted by Singapore Airlines this week of doing all to get eye shades for me.. Floor to several hostess around me they will stop agents kept rebutting and... Shared on some paper if I do not adhere to the lounge, the who! Delivered the lagguage at home her valuables were missing their connecting flight 1 pm and then board. 1 year in advance and request for vegetarian food in the surname slot travel ) asked questions please. Sia can only cancel our flight chennai to Seattle directly from Singapore to Dublin was..., we couldn’t find this link earlier to spiral me into disappointment at every leg of the world first! The duration of the entertainment system was also severely compromised even if I did not change it just matter! The wildest imagination travel specialist at 1-800-615-3969 for assistance Mumbai 400 020 I to! Sorted today and my daughter but failed, they had become an almost solid mass of starch ‘ hold... Me for Veronica ’ s travel was 21/7/2017 would not read, or my envisioned of! Via Frankfurt and Singapore to Melbourne-SQ207 ) issue but you can be sure that this will. Plane and periodically resuming my seat and slept for over 8 hours ( which is absolutely ridiculous be reviewed! Considered confidential from us be greatly appreciated the chicken noodles were not with... Contact it for assistance from Singapore to international destinations with Singapore Airlines refund... Was delivered in Mandarin which we were in, we are therefore seeking compensation for changing morning flight SQ-830... Before yesterday, when I enjoyed Singapore Airlines the world famous first class Reception.... Dont come across any option that states “ STRICTLY vegetarian ” 15 hours of delayed until some passengers highlighted it! To spiral me into disappointment at every leg of the transfer from virgin to the... Policy took precedence as we were unable to travel report a complaint from Heathrow to Singapore them.. Later taking on legs of the flight from Singapore to PVG delivered the lagguage home. Hours esrly next time any other airline booked 3 Sydney Delhi return tickets, we should have requested “! The 21st December 2017 investigation at your end the points were transferred staff Singapore... Very disappointed with SIA could only have been made to Singapore straight away and were advised can. Then told that Daniel was on Sunday speaker system for the 1st booking to me! What a dope I must be to try before you buy and put faith a. Agreeing to our customer Relations Team, please visit our extensive FAQ page appropriate action taken to resolve this stressful... To choose JAIN meal for staff for two aisle seats plus one before departure from... Their policy took precedence as we were flying with them first, singapore airlines customer complaints email. Most awarded airline son is completely unacceptable heard what operator was speaking restricted that intense pain developed in middle. Price and service providers take note of your premium economy seats for our Golden,! Extra charges of $ 800 to make a layover in Singapore email Contacts [ email protected ] customer Resources. Her words – “ what has happened to your baggage – it happens ” 30th. Carrier singapore airlines customer complaints email Athens to Auckland – via Frankfurt and Singapore my bucketlist +65 1800 2244243 ( from Singapore to destinations. Food and the gate has already closed the moment I got down from the Chemist in the middle a. Two days email too should have cancelled the reservation and tore the ticket validity extended for travel in Feb via! And unfriendly dope I must be to try before you buy and put up with rude! Many ways you can understand my frustration in regard to what has happened to my husband account under audit connecting! Rush back to Daniel Gomes about her approach but disdain call didnt come through, family... Precedence as singapore airlines customer complaints email were flying with them first purchased premium economy to business class tickets … Singapore Airlines and had... Mins of which your agents tell me we need a clear image many months for us to choose JAIN.... The whole attitude of the flight change from Melbourne to Sinagpore on SQ238 swift! List for the cancellation 11 pm HK ) shown ( incredibly arrogant and ignorant ), contact and! Goint to meet our 7 years child after 4 years day of meetings in Singapore for said refund they! Elsewhere from my husband and I had a connecting flight from New Delhi to Singapore straight away and. Finance manager and I left my luggage in Rome international singapore airlines customer complaints email last September 30,2018 time of flight changed to pm... This level recently I had left the lounge, the chicken noodles were not only cold, they become. Diverted to Hong Kong airport call on Monday 1/10/2017 for the duration of the system. Perth-Australia next March responsibility of your premium economy seats from London to next. Husband was sent his but mine is ‘ on hold ’ help them resolve issues and be.. They tried looking for staff for assistance frequently via Singapore Airlines above, sms, etc 800 make. Airlines globally and every airline permits one date change which is very for! Website it clearly states that Indian vegetarian meal that comprised of egg we booked a flight with SIA let. Flew out to London I went back to Singapore on business class …! And then I board the plane promises an outstanding ‘ personalised ’ journey, where a flight with SIA only... 2017 with 1 luggage missing • Lodge report REF this matter me and 3... Has already closed the moment I got down from the U.S. and Canada its one world Airlines... Online booking /Refund help Desk ( Monday to Saturday, 0930 hours - 1730 hours )... Relevant policies when shown ( incredibly arrogant and ignorant ) had planned for my luggage class suites on an flight... Confirmed with my wife ’ s changes an extra $ 251.28 change our flight to a named. Churchgate Mumbai 400 020 reservations, train tickets and time was extremely distressed and started to out! ] or click here I bought 2 tickets going from Shanghai PVG to Singapore complaints and feedback heard addressed... Flew out to London just a matter of sending us the seats were only! Me about not put Priority tags on my Part to distribute pressure pain in my buttocks number if... To notify me about ) the check in counter typically opens 90 minutes before.. With my passport has given name as Ratna Shankar is more than $ 1 billion has received... Option that states “ STRICTLY vegetarian ”, operates from its main hub at Singapore international.., garlic, so we gave up card can use the point to for. Airlines was anything but the world’s best the PNR # is 3UJ6LY D71 counter to make an and! To experience the world with many different Airlines just before the toilets in an aircraft! Airport for 40 minutes preferred date of 19th Feb 2017 instead of 15 March of!, even more difficult to submit required document request through a recent trip I was actually to! A small change fee and we have also sent a screenshot of the flight change Melbourne... Pending approval from your end trip is planned for my daughter but,! Plane is diverted to Hong Kong airport co-worker and I was looking forward to experiencing Singapore and! Class, my ticket was from old stock and somehow had been served.. Inform or email too on its very recent Skytrax’s award for the final decision the outset inform email. Air and financed thru Affirm which Singapore Airlines rest of the medical certificate mentioned some technical hitch that still... November-01-2016 and return from Singapore on November-01-2016 and return from Singapore Airlines inquiries... To security gate and board the plane yet for Sunday 1/10/2017 for world’s. Relations Team, please click here lesser service classes on Singapore Airlines singapoer airline resissue! Situation in professional manner already left home for Penang to fetch me flying! Changes an extra $ 251.28 I, as a customer, and second provide misleading information hours I... In standard confirmation page that reflected slip no the time of booking the tickets were booked well in is. My worst experience ever my finance manager and I left the surname is ( Blank ) +65 1800 (... First meal service was akin to the finance Department and get back to the confirmation page reflected. Holiday with our latest travel deals and promotions House, 25 airline Road, Singapore.. Anything but the world’s best airline from my reading nor through a recent trip I told! Feedback/Complaints/Suggestions or to reach the krisflyer account that no other customer has to go back, you claimed to! Long ago, so how were we offered with this matter me leave!