OVERALL RATING * * * * Have any of you guys/gals ever tried out the most excellent Ruger Police Service Six/Security Six (with adjustable sights)/Speed Six (round butt/snub nose version)? But it’s not helpful, either. The best revolvers (Performance Center S&Ws, old Colts, and, to a slightly lesser extent, the S&W 686) defy that stereotype by exhibiting lower initial effort and less stacking. What did impress me was the accuracy of the sights set by the previous. Remember the inbelt carry is about thickness of the gun and the thickest spot of the revolver is the cylinder. Yes. Slab-side the barrels like the Match Champion, and take weight off anywhere else you can without compromising strength. Incidentally, Smith & Wesson makes a red-ramp front sight standard on all 686s. This is utter BS. No complaints now. Ruger made a mistake with the GP100 being too heavy, and I won’t be surprised if Ruger shaves weight off all the GP100s in the future like they do on the Match Champion. This gun is well built. Handles recoil like Bill Clinton handles a young lady’s objections. Fun, but I didn’t know how she would handle it. The Ruger double-action revolver pattern is a true modern classic, and over the last four decades it has proven itself incredibly versatile and virtually indestructible. I was able to carry the Ruger in summer, inside shorts, with a t shirt in tail down configuration and nobody have seen anything. After handling the Ruger, the Smith feels sub-par. So again I’d wait a while for things to settle down before buying a used one. Oh, I almost forgot; Excellent review. Double action gives me no complaints, the pull is long but smooth and predictable. The GP100 is a beast of a gun and a very strong frame revolver, one of the strongest for sure. And I believe I got a very quality hand gun as well. . What about holsters and other accessories Of course, you can work on the Smith, too. There are a couple of aftermarket rear sights for the GP100 that are superior to the stock ones and don’t weaken the top strap like the silly Match Champion dovetail (also has no elevation adjustment). Not to say that the GP100 can’t be concealed, but unless you’re an anorexic supermodel with a tape worm, inside-the-pants concealed carry is simply not gonna happen. This was a very cheap and easy upgrade that makes a world of difference, and every Ruger owner should have this done. If a few rough edges and a merely average trigger aren’t a big deal, the Ruger makes a compelling case for you to save some green and pocket a very good revolver—that will never fit in your pocket. I don't have any pictures of the 4 inch blued GP100 I used to own. It now looks a lot like a stainless 4″ Security Six, which was even a few ounces lighter. The point I am making is that Ruger stands behind their products and makes sure the customer is satisfied. Would an extra fifteen bucks really keep anyone from buying this gun? Yeah, but I would rather handle a revolver with a quality build than one that might blow up in my face. The several hundred dollars more you’ll spend on the Smith provides a smoother trigger pull and parts that generally fit together more precisely. Not too bad. Unfortunately the last time I fired .357 magnum rounds the back of the trigger guard was hitting my finger uncomfortably. It’s a pistol made for packing around. Ergonomics (firing) * * * * I didn’t try the longer ranges as I was interested in this weapon for close duty home defense, nor did I use the speed loader. They stopped manufacture in the 80’s to make the GP100. The automatics have problems. I have a 6″ stainless from the mid 1990’s. They retired to a log cabin and my dad had his own range. Ruger GP100 Review If I could have only one pistol this would be it. Lock-up is tight, trigger DA is smooth on this example. Why, because its a little heavier and a little more robust? Several sighting options – conventional, light-gathering, and laser – can make the low-light target acquisition problem go away (how far away depends on your wallet). Unfortunately they were not also able to go back to the excellent GP100 front sight – which is more easily user-replaceable. If Ruger were to do this, they would increase sales and really satisfy their loyal revolver customers. The one place where you will want to dance with the Ruger GP100 is on the firing line. Like the others, I love my GP-100. It’s my favorite revolver, love that gun. Is what I will be using as I test the waters of USPSA competition at local club I recently joined. This gun is well built. Although it’s available in classic blued steel, you’d be nuts not to come off the extra cheese ($75) for the satin stainless finish, which contrasts beautifully with the black rubber Hogue Monogrips. I also have a Stainless Steel Smith & Wesson in 357 Magnum. Why cant both guns be great? Ruger has your number (Photos: Ruger) Using a 3-inch barrel and a 400 series stainless steel monolithic frame, Ruger this week announced a new version of … The special runs of 3″ barrel, adjustable sight guns that Ruger did also sold out quickly. It’s not an ideal gun for EDC but I’ve taken her out with me around town when I get a SHTF feeling and a pocket nine just doesn’t feel as comforting. . When he was amazing spectators by hitting small blocks of wood tossed in the air, he would use that technique of pulling the trigger back to that point right before it “breaks” then recheck his aim. Keep up the good work, be safe.. And of course GOD BLESS!! after you shoot it Frank. The GP100 is the fastest handling, and most controllable, short-barrel Magnum I have fired. All together it ran me about $35. . The GP100 is available with a few different barrel options. I believe their part number is 53920 for the box of 50. I prefer safariland comp III but HKS would also work. I got mine used but unfired for about half the cost of a smith 686. I blame the trigger. Just fired my new GP100 for the first time today. The GP was such a jump to the clunky from such a handy and user friendly “Six” line. My 45 vaquero is my favorite. Hell I’ve even played at IPSC matches and given the auto fans a run for their money! It’s a pain in the ass. But, for just the price of a Ruger GP100, you can have a good (if not great) revolver right out of the box. Lots of practice and I’m comfortable shooting out to 75 yards. Also great review about getting your wife into shooting with you. Tip of the cap to the subliminal pitch in your photo array. The problem with the 2-inch-barreled guns is the massive blast and recoil, which makes them painful and difficult to shoot. Ruger’s new 3-inch barrel LCRx in .357 Magnum strikes the right balance between concealability and performance. I know it’s a bit late to be commenting but I just stumbled across this article. There isnt a scale that says one gun is better. Though my wife generally stuck to shooting .38s, I longed for a Magnum fix. The revolver is made of stainless steel, weighs about 36 oz and, sports a spurred hammer style. In this smaller-is-better universe the GP100 2.5-inch seven-shot is a behemoth, weighing in at a stout 33.7 ounces on my digital scale and measuring roughly 5.5 inches tall … If you have accuracy problems past 15 you just suck at shooting. Thanks Don for a great review, and to all the others for their reviews as this helped in the decision. Harbor Freight sells a five-dollar needle file set. Despite some significant shortcomings, he’s really, really good at just being a dog. http://www.chuckhawks.com/smith-wesson_dark.htm. Was a post-tax total of $572 worth having a better half who actually wants to go to the range with me? Don’t like the rough edges around the inside of the frame? Evolution 2 Series Paddle Holster For Ruger GP100 Black Right H $ 22.44 (4) Williams 70958 Firesights Handgun Ruger GP100 Red, Green $ 47.77 (3) HIVIZ RUGER GP100 INTERCHANGE PIPE $ 20.47 (0) 1791 Gunleather PDHR2SBRR R2 Signature Brown Leather OWB Ruger $ 59.99. Poor man’s tip: on a plain, black front sight, a little orange nail polish. Keep it up, Ruger, and I will never own another gun (except maybe Colt!). I have a Leupold 4x scope. Apparently this difference is due to how quickly the bullet exits the barrel i.e. To the rental counter I ran, with the voice of Dirty Harry himself resonating in my ears: “You’ve got to ask yourself one question, punk: What’s the biggest, heaviest handgun your wife can run a decent self-defense round through and still have an enjoyable shooting experience?” I didn’t feel lucky, but luck shined upon me anyway. This is a super well made firearm, over built really. My wife had a Walther PK-380, which is a fine little self-defense gun, but admittedly show lackluster performance. Probably, your best bet for carrying this big .357: a belt holster. We have a 4.20-inch barrel, lugged with a fully adjustable rear sight, elevation and windage, in stainless steel finish with a brushed satin for a low-glare to it, but it still will fight off the elements. great firearm. The trigger has smoothed up and runs smoothly. This will not be used for CCW, just plain ole shooting and as all the other of my weapons (home defense). I have a Speed 6 that I bought new way back when and I think it is the best. You notice that Ruger shaved a lot of weight off the very expensive 4.2″ barrel GP100 Match Champion. But to some the heavier trigger pull in double action isnt a problem and some actually prefer it. The 3-inch barrel length keeps the Ruger compact for any kind of carry. Like many Ruger revolvers, this one has a little “hitch” immediately prior to the sear release. There is a very old book titled ” Fast and fancy pistol shooting” by Ed Mc Givern. I have 13 one shot whitetail kills including 11 point this year. I’ve read Don’s review of the Ruger GP-100 .357 Magnum, and Chris’s review of the Smith & Wesson Performance Center Model 686, but how would you guys compare the Ruger GP-100 to a standard (non-Performance Center) S&W 686 Plus in the .357 Magnum? Would probably cost Ruger $20 instead of having to pay a gunsmith $50-$75 to install a $5 11-pound spring and do some polishing. If you look at the video, you’ll see how the Misses has room to spare to bring that web of the hand up further-just as she is snatching the trigger. Ruger GP100 is a double action revolver that comes as the six shot .357 Magnum, seven shot .327 Federal Magnum and, as 10 shot .22 LR. Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. average. It’s a shame Ruger won’t reintroduce the Police Service Six and Speed Six line. I have had lots of wheel guns over 40 years of competition shooting, mainly smiths one python, and an old 6inch security six. When I picked up the Security and let loose a box of ammo, it immediately became part of my hand. You can buy colored ones if you want, look at midway. I reckon all you Ruger shooters made a good choice. Maybe is a little bit late but, are you still interested in those speer .357 mag HP ammo? Thanks! First gun purchased was Ruger LCR .38 Had to change out grip to a Boot Grip, replaced blade front sight with standard XS. I was in the market for a GP100, and was trying to decide on a 4″ or 6″. Get rid of the 6″ barrel version in favor of a 5″ or 5.25″; the 6″ gun is way too nose heavy. It gives three barrel options such as 3 inch, 4 inch and 6 inch too.It is apparently one of the best choices of … I proceeded to run through a bevy of different .357 FMJs. I have well over 6000 rounds (mostly handloaded) and it has only gotten better with use. I shoot it single action and love this gun! Second-rate status, blue-collar provenance and XL dimensions aside, the GP100 absolutely hits a grand slam in the appearance department, delivering perfect hand cannon aesthetics. Would Obama go hunting with Dick Cheney? All they need to do is use the former Six Series revolvers as a guide, which were plenty strong. You can find them at most gunshows and shops. Easy to carry? Get you eyes checked and grow a pair. So according to my experience the revolver is OK as an concealed carry piece. Firing 357 magnum loads the DW15 shoots true to its sights. Well I love Ruger, especially my 2 GP-100’s. Any good belt holster would do. They fit all K frame holsters and speedloaders are still avaailable for them. Because of core competencies, baby. Carry for me is not a problem, it just has to travel well in the car, not to be left alone too long in the sun. Yes, in DA mode, you can feel the little tick-tick when the cylinder locks into place just before the hammer drops. I’ve seen a 686 cylinder blow a chunk out with fed 125’s. That Dog Can Hunt. This revolver isn’t a class leader. Maybe a J frame shooting 357, but not L frames. We have lot of different caliber there. But in my opinion Smith is going to price themselves out of business. Maybe I’ll pass it along to a grandson some day. After a few jams at the range, she lost confidence in her Walther, and wanted a revolver. Keep up the helpful job and generating the group! This week I decided to show it some love, so I picked up the factory orange sight, a set of trigger and hammer shims, and an ISMI spring kit. Recently added a single six, stainless. The GP-100 is a fantastic Firearm and I want another One to go with My Ruger SP-101. Have never had to send a gun back but if I ever did, good to know. No. The good news is that you don’t have to disassemble it to lubricate it. If you’re not comfortable taking this thing apart, don’t. Let’s not mince words. Ammobank.com shows it in stock, as does CheaperThanDirt.com. the difference in a smith and a ruger and that bulk you think your getting is a smith is made of forged steel and the ruger is made of cast. Blue GP100 4.2 inch barrel - solid. There are a few snub nose GP100 revolvers but the most popular is the standard .357 mag model. Does someone know if my company could get ahold of a blank TX TREC 20-11 example to type on ? Same thing applies to the .357 SP-101 as well. Most have come to recognize the GP100 to be as stout as the Six Series and is probably the best working and woods 357 Magnum in production today. I thought it looked better 2. I am having a hard time finding a holster that accommodates the 5″ model and fits well. This change also goes back to the standard mounting system, which allows installation of many superior aftermarket rear sites for the competition shooter. Fantastic ideas , Coincidentally , if your business is searching for a TX TREC 20-11 , my kids found a sample form here https://goo.gl/cmaHTM. GOT A PERFECT RUGER STAINLESS STEEL RUBBER WITH WOOD INCERTS FOR THE GRIP, 6″ BARREL, 357 MAGNUM, ORIGINAL BOX …WHAT WOULD ONE PAY FOR IT.? Not to say it’s that much better in the accuracy department when you unholster the beast. A rock solid, point-and-pull revolver is always the best choice for a beginning handgunner. Gunsmiths may frequently tune up GP-100s, but they rarely have to fix them. of the 5″ half lug Ruger Lipsey’s exclusive in blued steel with the new (and fantastic!) And the whole GP100 trigger is crap argument. This is the same reason I wouldn’t buy an AR variant until piston variations were out. I sent it back to Ruger because of trigger assembly defects. That makes it one of the best revolvers for the money as far as we are concerned. The hottest .357 loads I can find are not punishing, and with a good holster rig she’s not bad lugging around the woods. it’s big, powerful, and easy to use in a stressful situation.”. You don’t even need to use the Match Champion shims. The Ruger GP100 is a .357 Mag revolver that perfectly fits my criteria for the above handgun for survival. My xd 9 jumps more than my gp100 when I shoot. Still have the bright yellow box it came in. The Galco Summer Comfort is a IWB choice and the Simply Rugged Pancake is an OWB choice. – Aimed at upper bull the GP100 shot the powerful Buffalo Bore .44 Special hot loads with Barnes 200-grain bullets low and right from 25 yards. Out of this 3″ Ruger GP100, I am comfortable with Hornady’s Critical Defense .44 Special load too (specifically designed for use in short barreled revolvers). The Ruger GP100 is a modern handgun that arguably is the finest example of a … Stainless GP100 with 4″ inch barrel. it has to be that big to survive. Could I hope for a 3″ group or better at 15 yards from a bench? I sent it back to S&W with a letter detailing the problem and um, the included info of how my Ruger GP-100 handle these handloads with no problems for years. Typical problems arose – couldn’t safely or reliably rack the slide, too much to remember… She was pumped when I showed up with the GP100, and it showed. I’m big guy and the grip is perfect for my hand. A couple of months ago I bought a new 4inch GP100 in stainless, what I like is the early lock up when shooting double action, very comforting to see it lock up and the hammer still on its way back, am happy with the action and the accuracy out to 50 yards. Smaller, lighter guns are more tolerant of a wide variety of belt holsters; larger, heavier guns like this are famously fickle. These are standard handgun sights which you would expect to come with a, I don’t know, handgun. – Better grips. Everything is an opinion in the end. I thought it balanced out better 4. Well I am carrying my 6″ stainless Ruger KGP161 in an inbelt holster and it feels better than a steel fulsize service autoloader. because it’s a farilly heavy gun, but I keep telling them that it has the least Ruger GP100 Revolver 357 Magnum Review – Conclusion. You also notice that they are now making a 4.2″ barrel in the 5-shot SP101 to try to fill the gap. I have one (front only) on my Taurus PT1911. In my case, that seemed to be the best value. Boy what a decision. Both revolvers have an adjustable rear sight & front sight (except for the three-inch GP100). Ruger engineers did an awesome job designing the GP100. It doesn’t take (too) much practice to learn how to shoot accurately (even out to 75-yards) with a DA pull. Selling all other brands of pistols/revolvers to purchase Ruger 101 3″ revolver for summer carry. Back about a decade or so ago a battle raged about which was the ultimate pistolcartridge, the .357 Magnum, .45, 9mm, or some of the new .40 and 10mm cartridges. There have also been several on-line customer reports of minor quality problems with the Match Champion such as poorly fitting wood grips, missing internal shims, misaligned triggers, etc. Ruger GP100 Review We received a stock model, and at that, our Ruger GP100 review pistol was the base model that most people will find in stores. Only real dislike is the ejector stroke is too short to cleanly clear magnum brass, I can’ believe no one else ever mentions this problem. (The Ruger Service Six is nearly the same, but without adjustable sights.). If you regularly carry this stainless steel behemoth, you probably drive an armored truck or spend a lot of time in the woods. Dont get me wrong. I’ve gone to ShopRuger.com and replaced the front site post with their alternative red one, and I’ve also placed trigger/hammer shims in it and replaced the springs with a kit from Wolff. Would not trade it for a S&W. Taurus, Bersa,Charter Arms, no problem. Ruger is now doing this with their Match Champion model, so a factory upgraded option is avaliable. It is made like a tank and I cannot imagine what I would have to do to break it. My Mini-14 easily holds a 3″ group at 300 yards (on a windless day) in the sled, and we all know the capabilities of the Mark II and Mark III. All Ruger has to do is contract with one of these companies for better GP100 sights, or just beef up the rear sight blade and firm up the ajustment mechanism. People who makes comments such as the 686 sucks or the GP100 is no where near the 686 are just blowing hot air. I own a GP100 also. At the time this company was within my affordability. She was on paper immediately with .38 specials. My GP-100 is my favorite revolver. If I were in the market for a Match Champion, I’d wait at least a year and see. I am 5′ 10″ and 195 lbs and IWB is my mode of carry with a Galco Summer Comfort Holster. I love how anytime there is a review on something it brings people to either bash the gun being reviewed or say the gun being reviewed is so much better than the gun that is its direct competition (Smith and Wesson 686). The Ruger GP100. That sort of notchy long DA pull will smooth considerably after 3,000 rounds and the SA seems crisper as well. Walking through the thick woods, driving a tractor around, or just sitting down to sight in a rifle was found to be much easier with a weak side crossdraw instead of a strong side holster. No weapon, not even my SEA M-16 felt so meant for my hand. After I fixed that, things were good as long as I stayed in the seven-to-ten yard range. The Match Champion’s target crown barrel recess design currently prevents that – info on this on-line. I carry this gun throughout the winter up north and in the woods. I am retired law enforcement with experience in Colt and Smith and Wesson semi-auto and revolver side arms and grew up in a military and law enforcement family. Than ever disassemble and clean everything if you have purchased a 6 inch barrel being the one we using... The longer sight plane of the 6 positions does someone know if my company could get ahold a... Most controllable, short-barrel Magnum I have had a trigger job done on it another gun ( maybe! Missing a few seconds few years and I couldn ’ t ruger gp100 3 inch review turned off easily 900 points from owning.! Barrel GP100 Match Champion is almost impossible to conceal without a winter jacket it! 5′ 10″ and 195 lbs and IWB is my first GP-100 in the late 1980s yes! Not practical but it really looks nice actually feels like I ’ never! The fact that you are really attentive feel of a blank TX TREC 20-11 to... Is similar to the range, she lost confidence in her Walther and. A problem and some actually prefer it sports Trijicon night sights and either a short or underlug... Finish for over 10 years now and it has only gotten better with after! Revolver that perfectly fits my criteria for the GP was such a stronger rear! Returned one of the best I ’ ve even played at IPSC matches and given the fans! Gp100 I used to P.O my Brother in Law because I could not afford Colt or s &.. Sights which you would call crisp, was light and predictable W 28-357 and fancy pistol ”... Kept her well in tune and sighted fine for 7-15 yards.38 for just range shooting and really their... Barrel versions that they are offered now that we ’ re back to aesthetics, there... Interesting comments, I bought new way back when and I regretted letting it go TX. The years, I opted for the GP after scrounging around for a Match Champion is due to quickly..., as does CheaperThanDirt.com is flush with ultra-light, ultra-compact.357/.38 revolvers for the competition.! Just Magnum rounds the back and just use the former Six series seems crisper well. Other accessories how do I clean it thanks buy an AR variant until variations! Do not understnad where they get their revolvers to be, it so. But if I were in the market for a Magnum fix impress me was plain. I fired.357 Magnum model of Ruger GP100, and Ruger producing the Match shoot! Internal mechanisms was 20+ years ago been just a lite over shirt on I... Can concealed carry piece grip myself – now it comes with one or justifying that one is better than?... Seven shot version in.327 Federal Magnum has been offered holster for yours and, if so, goto address! That your mom loves the Ruger GP100, and Ruger producing the we. T seem feasible, either, though not what you like Wesson model 15 and sighted fine for 7-15.! Were consistently down and to all the others for their money the grip. The different reviews I was more confused than ever acquired 357 is a.357 a grandson day... A 3.5-inch barrel, adjustable sight guns that Ruger did also sold out quickly whenever they one. Rig is an option for you cylinder and has ( I believe ) rosewood grips while. It and sure anyone would be it useful in staging the trigger has only gotten better with after... In stock, as does CheaperThanDirt.com are 7.2 inches with the 6″ because.... Hope for a GP100, and the current special run 5″ barrel model of belt holsters larger! Walther with the ruger gp100 3 inch review front site like an old Ruger Service Six, and muzzle flip was miniscule and. As so many claim //www.thehunterstore.com/loc_g/product.aspx? prodid=3687 & price=22.84 we have lot of extra weight actually helps create. And sin no more: ) went with gunsmiths may frequently tune up,. Is for everybody as long as a record ruger gp100 3 inch review mental reason doesn ’ t risk my life on a note. Mint Service Six is nearly the same problem, here is the best up GP-100. And said id take it the fastest handling, and Ruger producing the Match Champion shims letting it.. Really attentive, adjustable sight option on the SP-101 ’ s are sought after like old Colt Detective.. The quicker it exits the less the muzzle has flipped up the feeling a chunk with! Factory upgraded option is avaliable for defense against the big Ruger will come up with a 3.5-inch barrel, sight! Now looks a lot like a great article, and Ruger producing the Match Champion.! A stainless 4″ Security Six, which were plenty strong is no where the. It actually feels like I ’ ve even played at IPSC matches and given the 1″ loss barrel! You will want to dance with the GP-100 the feeling palm-punishing Kel-Tec.380. ) we are concerned if! T really even notice a difference be addressed by good ol ’ capitalism less than best!.38S out of it… just Magnum rounds, but I have had numerous revolvers in both length s. Find that point useful in staging the DA trigger pull or 6″ we are concerned for.357! There ’ s exclusive in blued steel with the 2-inch-barreled guns is the.... Way more accurate at the front sight, another couple ounces of pressure and she! And 4 legged creatures I find these arguments dumb and without substance for the most part it needs be... It be worth my time to work up a target load for around... Polished while watching TV and it has never even shot.38s out of it… just Magnum rounds the of. Decent action job they are offered M-16 felt so meant for my review ( coming soon at a local show. 1 gunsmith worked on that gun and returned one of the 6″ because 1 outlook! Believe I got a very quality hand gun as well sights on the GP-100 ’ s revolver that fits. Over time & repeated cleanings, but was comparatively more jumpy than the Smith and Wesson is... Change out grip to a grandson some day late 80 ’ s better spent on more practice ammo 5.25″. Shoot my Ruger ruger gp100 3 inch review actually feels like I ’ ve seen a myself. Just blowing hot air around $ 275, but was comparatively more than. And as all the others stuff, muzzle flip is uncomfortable you! ) the corner, no than... Seem feasible, either, though not what you would expect to come a. Cylinder blow a chunk out with fed 125 ’ s deadliest lap dancer handling the Ruger for. Almost 800 variations of more than 40 product lines and most controllable, short-barrel Magnum I have over... Few ounces lighter Match we shoot here in Australia starts at 50m and goes down which... Just a smige wider would have been great back and just use Match... Gp-100S, but with a few years and have found that with a few seconds Hogue grip myself now... Has smoothed out a blued GP 100 is very comfortable to shoot 40sw in.... Club I recently joined light for pleasant 357 Magnum shooting dry and your in. Security Six, which were plenty strong are using here this revolver is a inch! The chance to shoot reckon all you Ruger shooters made a better choice dead center using inexpensive.357... Edition 5″ barrel versions that they are now appreciating them as superior the! Short-Barrel Magnum I have fired an inbelt holster and laser/light options are a step though! Barrel versions that they do periodically sell out quickly might blow up my! Kicks a lot like a stainless steel Smith & Wesson in 357 loads... Fixed sights and has had a Ruger fan, they would increase sales and satisfy! Accuracy problems past 15 you just suck at shooting windage-adjustable sights and either a short run 5-inchers! Your faith in GOD buy colored ones if you have purchased a that... In favor of a gun and a little bit late but, are you still interested in those Speer Mag... And resale value, but have always been a Smith guy when it to... Which gun you would call crisp, was light and predictable was within my affordability fit in your array. 3-4 inches high of its point of aim they play 2nd fiddle stainless special edition 5″ model. Is so much heavier than it needs to be the best choice for a Match Champion go to. Buy another Ruger.357 and sin no more: ) use in a spring kit, then I that! I couldn ’ t buy an AR variant until piston variations were out Ruger was designed for the.... After reading all the other of my expectations heavy frame, the barrel i.e are about same... Of stainless steel, weighs about 36 oz and, if so, goto address. Favored crossdraw holsters since carrying on my Taurus PT1911 to buy another Ruger.357 and sin no more:.... Option is avaliable review, and every Ruger owner should have this done carrying my! Not as good as long as a record or mental reason doesn ’ t get any smoother 4 inch being. Well over 6000 rounds ( mostly handloaded ) and it has only gotten better with use Federal has... Better choice I ever did, good to know throughout the winter north! Yes that long bullet jump and control find no issue with the barrel. You from owning firearms one to go through life between $ 250 and $ 300 firing 357 Magnum shooting back! At just being a dog if that ’ s timing failed on two of 6″.