... Coffee table Dalia white brass set of 2 with solid sycamore wood structure … Sycamore Brochure Sycamore The hardwood giant of the virgin forest. Privacy Policy , on par with the beauty of many exotics. Wood surfaces also need protection from light, water and potential damage from everyday use. American Sycamore is a deadly, dangerous tree. Please see my Kitchen-Dining” page to view our selections. Sycamore is not a commercial species, so it will have to be bought from a specialty wood dealer. SPALTED BIRCH WOOD. Sycamore is generally stable – small movement in service – it wont warp much if subjected to moisture content changes. It just snapped & dropped. all of my logs split right down the middle during the drying process, even with the ends sealed. The most popular color? Perhaps because of its many utilitarian uses, sycamore has not been widely used for furniture. Supplies are plentiful and Sycamore won't break the bank either. No strong winds, heavy rains, or any other weather related causes whatsoever. It is often quartered, a requirement for musical instruments. Specification & CAD Info, Customer Service Center Sycamore trees can grow to be one of the biggest domestic timbers in North America and are often left to grow to full maturity because the wood is very difficult to split for firewood and most sawmills don’t … I have dragged it into my greenhouse to slowly dry out. It won’t be the same as a living tree, Obviously, but you won’t lose your kitchen either…, Dear Sophia, You can always plant a new tree. There are 188 sycamore furniture for sale on Etsy, and they cost $889.58 on average. The timber from the butt and only the butt is used for furniture making as bough wood can have tension and compression stresses. Traditionally in Scotland, fine boxes for trinkets and snuff were made from sycamore wood, sometimes in conjunction with dark laburnum. Wood furniture or flooring made of oak, pine, cherry, mahogany and other woods add rich colors and lustrous surfaces to any home. Can anyone respond concerning sycamore’s tendency to twist/cup/bow? Just my .02, I do not know how Sycamore does. All Product Documents, Image Gallery Although few woodworkers become … Solid wood furniture is a great way to invest in your home. Sycamore is a very popular wood and it is a top choice for people who intend to use a wood stove in their home. Sycamore wood is … (The wood becomes burnished and thus … It is usually called sycamore … I think if you oriented the grain with the ray fleck on the face of the spoon (quartersawn) it would make a pretty nice piece. See the articles Wood Allergies and Toxicity and Wood Dust Safety for more information. Sycamore also has very distinct ray flecks present on quartersawn surfaces—giving it a freckled appearance—and it is sometimes even called “Lacewood.”. Sycamore wood has sapwood that is white to light yellow and heartwood that varies from light to dark brown in color. As it was grown in a … Add-on chair available to create unlimited tandem wood guest seating. Sycamore has an interlocking grain with a fine close texture. £120. Sycamore turns, glues, and finishes well. I would really like to build the case as hazard trees and have them removed. Drop leaf tables from the series have a tendency to warp, they are 3/4 thick edge-glued planks with little bracing. Identifying and Using Hundreds of Woods Worldwide, POSTER: Worldwide Woods: Ranked by Hardness. A selection of handcrafted wood furniture made from locally sourced timber. I don’t want to just cut it up for firewood but I don’t do any woodwork except novice carving. Copyright © 2008-2020 Eric Meier | All Rights Reserved, https://www.gilesnewman.com/shop/lily-of-the-valley-pendant. English Sycamore … How does this square with the Tallgrass Custom Wood Products’ comment? They estimated the limb to weigh 2 tons (4000 pounds). But the wood itself is lovely, although the grain is rather hidden under a blond (lacquer/paint mix) finish. I’m a veterinarian and would say it smells like a barnyard. In the UK, sycamore is a type of maple. (Though it is not uncommon to also see entire boards of heartwood too.) (Definitely not elm!) Set a circle of water pails around it, so that the surrounding house does not catch aflame. I have a very large one right beside my house growing under my foundation and it is also holding up my retaining wall :) Know it’s probably ruining my plumbing under my slab but afraid my whole house will slide over if I remove it :). With its wood frame, … It does warp and is not rot … Sycamore fully represents the highest level of patient and visitor care and comfort. Top rail and trim are walnut. It dropped a limb about 2′ in diameter & 40′ long one day without warning. The Sycamore Wood we offer is widely demanded for its durability. Currently the limbs over reach our roof and we do get winds. Kimball 1600 Royal Street Call/Text: 800.482.1818 Old sycamore trees frequently were hollow, providing a handy frontier stable for settlers' livestock. Contemporary uses for American sycamore include lumber and veneer, paneling, interior trim, furniture parts, slack cooperage and fuel. that once it is milled up to its final dimensions for your project the amount it will twist, cup, or bow throughout the seasons is very low compared to other species. The wood has a fine, close texture with interlocked grain. Would it be OK if I had your neighbors number so I could get a statement from him or her about what happened without warning? Sycamore definitely has a characteristic odor while being machined, in my experience. My neighbor had one about 125′ tall & 6-8′ in diameter. See more ideas about sycamore wood, wood jewelry box, wood. Fax: 812.482.8300 SCC offers a variety of styles and price points. Has anyone ever carved sycamore wood or used it for spoons? It has a distinct modular ray that reveals its fleck in the quarter-sawing process, and unlike the more … Never carved it, but I’d anticipate that it’d behave pretty similar to soft maple, though it does have interlocked grain, and it tends to warp and deform a fair amount as it dries, so you’d need to take that into account. See more ideas about wood carving art, wood sculpture, sycamore wood. The electric company just came and took down a 70+ foot sycamore tree on my property (which made me sick). It is generally … The sooner you let your husband and tbe tree go, the better. Sycamore is used occasionally in high-end furniture and cabinetry, but seems ignored for the most part - a shame as the wood has more character when quartersawn than any other … It’s a wonderful piece though. SPALTED SYCAMORE WOOD TABLE. We’re investigating patio umbrellas and some proudly point out they use sycamore poles while others go with beech … which is going to be better given the bending forces a 13 foot diameter umbrella has to put up with? Best wishes, Barry. ENGLISH SYCAMORE WOOD English Sycamore is a member of the maple family and is found throughout Europe. Read More, Whittaker is Interior Design Best of Year Finalist The sapwood is white to light tan, while the heartwood is a darker reddish brown. I think quarter-sawn Sycamore is one of the most beautiful domestic woods we have here in the US. I’ve been told that sycamore is one of the most dimensionally stable domestic hardwoods, i.e. Acer is the Maple Family and Planatus is the plane tree or sycamore family. It's fine and even textured, and quite … Owing to its … yes it’s very pretty when quartersawn, and should make a couple of nice benches for my front yard, ironically, right under my sycamore tree. Whittaker is Interior Design Best of Year Honoree, Whittaker is Interior Design Best of Year Finalist, Wall-saver design on guest, tandem, bariatric, patient and hip models, Spring seating in lounge, loveseat and sofa, Arm caps available in 3D laminate, solid surface and polyurethane. In the home shop, properly seasoned sycamore lumber proves a tough utility wood for cabinet frames and carcases, as well as drawer sides. That way you can keep the tree as a rememberenace but not lose your house. Solid surface option includes EOScu (Cupron Enhanced EOS) Preventive|Biocidal Surfaces™ A copper-oxide infused, solid surface material, EOScu kills >99.9% of harmful bacteria* within two hours of exposure. Platanus occidentalis, also known as American sycamore, American planetree, western plane, occidental plane, buttonwood, and water beech, is a species of Platanus native to the eastern and central United States, the mountains of northeastern Mexico, extreme southern Ontario, and possibly extreme southern Quebec. Invest in Solid Wood Amish Furniture for Your Home. Sycamore Trees & Timber | Species | English Woodlands Timber It is beautiful wood & makes really nice bowls though. Common Uses: Veneer, plywood,  interior trim, pallets/crates, flooring, furniture, particleboard, paper (pulpwood), tool handles, and other turned objects. It naturally makes a prime furniture timber too. £160. But, John is right, it stinks when worked. He helped me load a nice log into my prius. The most common sycamore furniture material is wood. Mesquite is possibly the best choice of wood for cutting boards. ALDER WOOD TABLE. I also have heard the arguments about the wood not being very stable during the drying process , or even in service ,but I have not experienced many problems with this wood, FYI , sycamore was once used extensively as a secondary wood for furniture making ( ie, drawer sides ect.). Sycamore cabinets are craftsman-built from solid mindi wood and mindi veneers hand-stained with our Furrowed Earth finish.