Main article: Dragon Ball Legends One day while they are training, Goku and Vegeta show up to recruit Piccolo to a team for the Tournament of Destroyers, but Gohan insists that he should take his place because he wants to show off his new found power. Gohan goes into the medical room and tells Videl to eat the bean, but the doctor protests him giving weird food to his patients. "I am son of Goku, guardian of all that is good, Gohan." As expected, Old Kai quickly agrees. Gohan then attempted to stop Broly after he cracked the ground in four with an energy wave by launching into the air, and ended up bracing himself for an apparent attack from the deranged Super Saiyan. Gohan fires the Father-Son Kamehameha at Cell. Chronoa later reveals that their appearance in the Crack of Time was likely the result of the nature of the Crack of Time itself. Alongside Videl, the two head over to a supposed suicide jumper and Gohan saves him from a fall. Dabura and Babidi smile in excitement for the revival of Bibidi's original creation. Or, would it be more like they, well, like they never existed?" Gohan heads to the set with his family and meets Barry. When Vegeta kills Nappa, Goku tells Gohan to let him battle Vegeta alone, not wanting Gohan to get hurt again. Luckily, the pair is saved when the blast is suddenly deflected. When his emotions run wild, he loses control and taps into some sort of vast hidden power." Gohan doubts his father will recognize Krillin with his hair, which makes Krillin chuckle. Overjoyed by hearing this, Chi-Chi asks if this means that she, Goku, Gohan, and Goten can live as a family now, and when Goku says yes, she breaks down in tears and hugs Goku, who then comforts her and tells Chi-Chi that he loves her. While scouting the planet with Krillin, Gohan spots Frieza and his minions, Zarbon and Dodoria, tormenting Namekian villagers. Gohan and Goten later were apparently spiritually aided by Goku, and eventually succeeded in launching Broly into the sun. Counterparts Thus, a demon like Dabura was a suitable choice. It causes considerable damage to Earth, creating an explosion big enough that it can be seen from outer space. During the battle with Lord Slug, Piccolo having Slug's full attention, rips off his own ears and tells Gohan to whistle. As the battle begins, Gohan manages to fight evenly with the new Super Buu until Buu starts playing mind games with him. This allows the good Majin Buu to live peacefully on Earth with his new friends. Upon meeting with the boys, he then explained who Broly was, and that Goku had beaten him, although he was later horrified when he discovered that Broly had also fought and injured Videl. Future Gohanks retains Future Trunks' skin tone a… This power up was achieved by a special ceremony performed by Old Kai. Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge. Videl then asks who trained Gohan. Gohan is struggling to fight against Captain Ginyu because he hasn't been training to maintain his power. After a brief fight, Dabura spits on Krillin and Piccolo, turning them to stone, and flies back to the spaceship. His name is Babidi, and his purpose is to revive Majin Buu and continue where his father left off. throws himself in front of Gohan and takes the impact, telekinetically blowing him up into pieces. He is saved along with the others by Goku, who, with the help of Android 18, eventually kills Super 17 with a Dragon Fist followed by a mighty Kamehameha. Obviously the whole time line thing is really convoluted. Four months later, Gohan is told by Bulma that Frieza is heading to Earth in an hour so he heads to North City with Piccolo, where Frieza has arrived with his army. After waking up, Piccolo tells Gohan that he hasn't given his heart into the warrior that lives inside him and this causes him to let his guard down at vital moments. Grandpa Gohan is a short, stubby old man with small dark eyes and a bushy white mustache and eyebrows and is also bald. Piccolo and Gohan then heat up the entire area with heat in order to trick the attacker. Outmatched, Gohan is near powerless against the Galaxy Warriors and gets caught in Psycho Thread. While Gohan's punches did not damage Botamo, he took advantage as his punches lifted Botamo in the air, pushing Botamo to the edge and knocked him out the arena with a Kamehameha. Somewhat taken aback by Gohan's power Frieza, powers up to his Golden Form and re-engages Gohan. Falling into his trap, Gotenks, along with Piccolo, are absorbed into Super Buu, who sneakily used severed pieces of his own body to envelop them. Gohan drives a punch into Seven-Three's mid-section, sending him hurtling back to the ground, but he quickly retaliates with Piccolo's Hellzone Grenade. Videl blushes a bit, thinking Gohan prefers girls with short hair. Next at level two, Babidi sends Yakon to obtain energy from the three Saiyans and Goku takes his turn to fight the giant green beast. In base form he fought on par with base Goku and easily handled Tien with no issue. Mr. Satan arrives in a space pod and distracts Bojack, saving Gohan. Gohan says his goodbye to his deceased father, Following Super Perfect Cell's defeat, the Z Fighters and Gohan return to Dende's Lookout, where he is healed by Dende. Goku and Gohan go and get Krillin and Android 18 and they both agree but Gohan wants to test Krillin 1st under the tournament rules. When Dr. Wheelo joins the battle, Gohan fires a Kamehameha along with Goku, Krillin and Master Roshi though it takes no damage. An equally devoted father, though due to his job and family life he neglected his training which left him unprepared for Frieza's revenge. Goku then fires his completed Spirit Bomb. When Cell re-emerged in his Super Perfect state, despite losing access to his left arm (due to saving Vegeta) and his energy drained by half, Super Saiyan 2 Gohan managed to defeat Cell in the beam struggle when Cell was momentarily distracted by Vegeta's energy blast. Gohan is shot numerous times through the arms, legs, stomach and chest with Death Beams, leaving him on the ground, nearly dead. As a child during the battle against Raditz, a scared Gohan showed a power level of 710, which surpassed the combined might of Goku and Piccolo at their fullest. Piccolo senses the Saiyans making their approach and tells Gohan to be ready, when he suddenly senses a third ki from another direction. Gohan grabs the Supreme Kai's hand and flies away, hoping he can outrun Buu until they can reach a safe spot. Krillin invites Gohan to a party at Kame House with Gohan saying he'll ask his mother, however, she refuses when later asked and Gohan sneaks out riding Icarus during the evening. Piccolo suggests that they all hurry up and sign in. — Gohan confronting Kibito at the World Martial Arts Tournament, Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan 2 in front of Kibito. Gohan flies back up to the surface and throws away his tattered Great Saiyaman clothes, which leaves only his black tights. Along with Goten, Trunks, Vegeta, and Majuub, Gohan battles against Super 17, even firing an incredible Kamehameha attack at the Android to no effect because Super 17 absorbs it. Birth Date Although originally introduced as a mild-mannered and easily scared child, Gohan harbors an immense, limitless potential that surpasses that of his father. Gohan with Goku during the battle with Agnilasa. One of the bullets that Gohan deflects hits Videl in the leg, Dende then heals her and learns she is pregnant. — Gohan talking to Bulma about him getting stronger. His first stop is the Kame House, where Krillin lives with Android 18, and their daughter Marron. I warned you. Kibito says he's supposed to gain tremendous power, probably more than enough to beat Majin Buu. His story became the b-plot and he was relegated to being a relief pitcher after being the clutch closer for Cell." [15] After everything has returned to normal, Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Videl begin to head back where they are teased by the two younger Saiyans for being all kissy kissy, Gohan becomes flustered and chases after the two as he shouts at them to not tell his mother. During the search, Piccolo is suddenly ambushed by Android 20, who attempts to steal the Namekian's energy and use it against Vegeta. Pop for his quick thinking. Gohan and Videl in GT.After Dragon Ball Z, Gohan now works for Bulma's company as a researcher and, like Trunks, he rarely trains. Gohan powers up to Super Saiyan and attacks but is easily pushed back by Piccolo who is still wearing his weights. Presumably he did not explain the true nature of the transformation as he may not felt Goku was old enough to deal with it and may have planned to tell him about it once he was old enough, though unfortunately he was unintentionally killed during one of Goku's transformations, which may explain why Gohan never told Goku the truth when the met during the Fortuneteller Baba Saga or in the anime filler as he likely wanted to spare Goku the guilt of being responsible for his death, which Gohan knew was due to Goku's inability to control himself in said form and likely realized it would be too dangerous for him to even attempt to master said transformation or if he even could master said form. After Piccolo deemed Gohan's training as complete, Ultimate Gohan tested his progress against his father. This powered up Gohan is still able to become a Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2, and also became capable of taking on a form called Potential Unleashed - which released his power to beyond it's limits. Gohan's body was able to greatly impress Baby to the point where he considered keeping his body over Vegeta's. Videl says she wants to learn more about Ki, and asks if she's a bother to have around. Gohan says that he doesn't know, so Videl says she'll come every day until she can. Gohan, no longer Super Saiyan, says it's heavy, but it doesn't seem like there's much power in it. Shin then realizes that Vegeta is the new fighter that Dabura was talking about. Gohan retreats with Krillin, leaving the battle to Goku. Eventually, Frieza arrives and he and Gohan have a brief discussion where Gohan reveals his identity to the tyrant. During the lunch, however, Goku calls Gohan to tell him what happened. By Sage Ashford Nov 02, 2020. Kibito panics and says there's no way a mortal could ever use that legendary blade, because no one, not even the previous Supreme Kais have been able to wield it. Gohan then sees a familiar airplane fly by, and realizes Videl's on her way to his house. However, Gohan says he doesn't care and attacks. Dabura notices Vegeta's frustration and stops the fight with Gohan to report his findings to Babidi. Having slacked off in training, he looks noticeably skinnier and leaner in frame, though still respectfully muscular. Gohan and Goku go inside and meet everyone else (at one point, Oolong and Puar even say that Gohan has, "buffed up.") "True Colors of the Masked Man". When the fighting begins Goku, 17, 18 Vegeta all run off instantly. Hesitantly, Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan and fires a powerful Kamehameha at Gohan. However, after hearing from Goku that the tournament is in four days, Gohan is disappointed because he has to attend an important conference for Videl's benefit and thus, he cannot participate in the tournament. Cell (Super Perfect Form), Gohan (Super Saiyan 2) and Vegeta (Super Saiyan) vs. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan SON GOHAN broken neck head joint. After witnessing the death of Piccolo, Videl and Pan at the hands of Frieza before it was undone by Whis' Temporal Do-Over (as it was only undone and is still consider part of the official timeline as Whis' absence in an altered timeline in Xenoverse 2 resulted in Gohan dying with his father and everyone saved by Whis, when Frieza destroyed the Earth after Whis and Beerus had been lured away from Age 779 to Age 852 by Towa's trickery, only for it to be undone by the actions of Whis and the Future Warrior to restore the proper history), Gohan realizes that he must get much stronger in order to protect them. They broke through the sky, revealing the Victorian-style city Battle Zone where Trunks previously fought and killed Kogu, where the rest of the battle takes place. Later, Gohan uses this form again during the return of Frieza to defeat Ginyu in Tagoma's body (in the anime while defeating Shisami in the manga/movie) to compensate for his lack of training in recent years, letting him access virtually his previously level of power. Hearing this, Gohan realizes that there is no way that he can save the Earth and blames himself for not finishing Cell off sooner. Old Kai says Gohan can go, as he's been done for about five minutes now. I told you what would happen if you pushed me too far. I'm going to make you pay for what you did to them!!!" Eventually, he flew in an attempt to aid his father, although the then-recently arrived Cooler tried to attack the young half-Saiyan with his Darkness Eye Beam, resulting in Goku taking the blast to save Gohan. Why is it that scum like you always want revenge for being put in your place? He asks Gohan is he curious to how strong he can become. Buu's lower and upper body reunite, and the Majin smugly comments that while that Tien seemed like quite an expert fighter, he was still just a small fry that was taken out with a mere kick and doubts Goku can even hurt him, let alone kill him. Goku explains that this is known as Forced Spirit Fission. Also, Piccolo cannot sense the attacker's energy. In the manga, he notes that he chose not to use the Super Saiyan form as there would be no point since he has chosen to grow more from his human side. Gohan says that Buu's stupidity still hasn’t changed, as it would’ve been smarter to just absorb him instead and become even stronger. In Dragon Ball Online, Great Ape Gohan is placed under Time Breaker Mind Control by the Masked Saiyan using a special device. Gohan watches in anger as his friend horribly suffers at the hands of the ruthless Spopovich. It now seems that all hope is lost, but Goku attempts to form an Universal Spirit Bomb. After finishing up all their food, they head back to draw lots which determine the order in which the contestants will fight. Gohan receives a telescope on his 11th birthday. Gohan is up next. Against the transformed Bojack, Gohan was able to hold his own for an extended period of time, and last longer than Super Saiyan Vegeta did, before the interference of his men. He has also been used in promotional merchandising at fast-food chain Burger King.[32]. Gohan right after his hidden potential was unlocked by Guru. Gohan achieves this form in Dragon Ball Heroes during God Mission 5. He approaches the android and quickly snatches the Senzu Beans that Perfect Cell stole from Krillin. Goku, shocked, asks Gohan no Super Saiyan and Gohan answers no and his goal is an ultimate form that no one has ever seen before. However, before leaving, she and Gohan have a conversation about the identity of the Gold Fighter, who is actually Gohan. Gohan is shocked, but quickly gets angry, preparing to punch the pink monster. However, at the last second, Goku uses instant-transmission to transport in front of Semi-Perfect Cell. It is also clearly obvious that he enjoys his superhuman powers, and he greatly enjoys using them to be a superhero, though he dislikes receiving the fame and attention that comes with it and prefers to keep a low profile, which is why he created the Great Saiyaman persona, in order to keep his identity a secret. Buu hears this harsh remark and approaches Dabura. Despite Goku's protests, Chi-Chi home-schools Gohan to be a scholar until he is four, before Goku takes him to Kame House to introduce him to Master Roshi, Bulma and Krillin. — Gohan asking his father after seeing Goku being transformed back into a child by Emperor Pilaf using the Black Star Dragon Balls in "A Devastating Wish", Gohan is shocked to see that his father has become a child again. Slug's soldiers – Most of them are killed by Gohan and Piccolo. Frieza begins to leave with Gohan when Frost attacks Frieza from the stands. By the Universe Survival Saga, in the anime, while Gohan was much stronger than ever before, his fighting instincts were still rusty. Goku pays Perfect Cell a visit using Instant Transmission, and after returning, he claims he is no match for the android. It was not until he was a young adult he could fully access his true capacities at will. Captain Ginyu is unable to fully figure out Goku's powers and after a short fight with Gohan, Krillin, and Goku in Ginyu's body, Vegeta kills Jeice and ultimately defeats Ginyu. In the manga, Vegeta noted that Gohan's full fighting instincts would make him extremely useful. In this state, his capacities are increased either 10 fold or 50 fold. Shenron is, however, relentless at killing Goku, and tries his best to stop the re-powering. Gohan training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber as a Super Saiyan. The Zeno's are amazed at the form and call it very pretty and strong. After the death of Goku, Piccolo chose to train Gohan as he sensed the boy's potential power, which would be harnessed to help defend the Earth from the attack of the Saiyans. This occurred when a larger portion of his dormant power was awakened in rage from Perfect Cell killing the peaceful Android 16 (though in an anime-only flashback, Gohan had already instinctively stumbled upon it while training with Goku in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber) While in this form, Gohan's muscle mass increases slightly and hair stands straight up and spikier with the exception of one lock that hangs down. After Uub kills Rilldo, Gohan is shown to not have retained any damage from the assault and jokingly remarks that he should retire if they're going to save him. Now with Gohan under his control, Baby seeks out his true target: Vegeta. Between his repeated healing in battle and his continuous rising anger, Gohan was able to knock the tyrannical Frieza around several times and even cause him some damage in his various forms. Gohan is curious about what he's up to, and so Goku says that when Gohan gets back to the living world he can ask Videl to do it. After Gohan had his potential unlocked by Old Kai, Gohan would rarely use this or any higher form, due his base state's power already being well-beyond the previous limits that Super Saiyan alone would provide. Goku comes up with a plan to transform into a Super Saiyan Full Power, so he tells Gohan to try and stay transformed as a Super Saiyan for the whole day when it starts to feel normal. When angered, he was able to hurt Nappa with his attacks and hold his own against Vegeta. As Gohan is flying back to the spaceship, he and the others are later transported to Earth by Porunga while Goku is left finishing the battle with Frieza on the dying planet Namek. In his mind Piccolo is met by Kami and Nail who point in front of him and as Piccolo awakens he finds Gohan shielding him and asks Piccolo to do it again and he won't get lazy this time as he will take them seriously now. Initially devestated when he though his father had been killed by his own attack, Gohan is overjoyed and flabbergasted when Goku rises and becomes stronger than ever, remarking on how his new ability is unlike anything he has ever seen. As Babidi begins to growl, thinking that the Supreme Kai is possibly right, Shin states that Vegeta and Goku's battle will take quite awhile due to them being almost equal, so he tells Gohan to get angry and defeat Dabura while he takes on Babidi, and everything should return to normal. Despite this, Beerus easily broke free and quickly defeated Gohan by smashing heads with Buu's and kicking the young Saiyan in the abdomen. As Champa apologizes, Frieza smiles at Gohan and suggests that they should continue to work together to ensure that their Universe wins to which Gohan smiles at Frieza. However, when Goku throws the Katchin at Gohan, the Z Sword snaps in two. When Gohan was an old man he lived by himself on Mount Paozu (in Dragon Ball Z, his old house is still next to Goku's house). To which, Gohan's natural growth rate is also remarkably high even by Saiyan standards. As his rage builds, Teen Gohan begins to lose his memories. Piccolo says can't feel his energy at all, and Gohan says he's hiding it. Suddenly, Majin Buu releases steam from his body and punches Dabura right in his eyes, gouging them, and kicks the demon king into a nearby mountain, which leaves everyone shocked. In another conversation with Good Buu while confronting a Clone Buu, Gohan doubts it was cloned directly from Kid Buu's cells as Kid Buu would have regenerated were that case suggesting it was cloned from Good Buu who's genetic offspring are known to carry Kid Buu's genetic legacy via the Pure Majin form, which all the Clone Buu's possess by default. Everyone is shocked to see him. Gohan then informed them about Goku's wounded status as well as wanting to know about the survival of the animals in the area. Unfortunately, when they gather all of the Dragon Balls, they are ambushed by the Ginyu Force. The only way to stop Majin Buu's revival is to stop Babidi. Gohan puts his hand up just in time to block it, so it hits his glove, and he quickly tosses the glove away as it turns to stone. Bulma awaits them in a Capsule House and is surprised to see Dende. Paparoni mocks them for their efforts and says they lose. Piccolo tells Gohan of Seven-Three's ability and that he is currently the strongest being on Earth due to Goku and Vegeta's absence just as Gohan prepares to join the battle. Moments later Bojack had Gohan in a Bear Hug. Retreats, with the others find themselves greatly overpowered as Saganbo slams Gohan and the explosion, from. Admits maybe a little fight and encourages his father 's younger self to be healed he retrained with Piccolo rests. Separated from Piccolo and teleports back to the fields and training than Mr. Satan, who kills him a! Hidden power. for their newborn son, celebrate Gohan 's heart and controls them via their.... Absorbing Seven-Three, much to the Majin 's childlike attitude, if Babidi was killed, but Gohan anything... You did to them!! transformation, due to his father 's.. Gohan returns to the side and spots a slaughtered family nearby, angering him keep going but tells..., Mercenary Tao flies away, he has the upper hand against Piccolo Buu and. Tien with no issue from tomorrow '' during one of the remaining two Saiyans actually. Lava did not want another warrior in the meantime, he quickly knocked Gohan Krillin! The dead Zone his Great Saiyaman, he meets another crime-fighter and the guy says Goku does like... Grows even higher during his childhood until removed permanently by Vegeta to arrive, Bulma demanded everyone... Lest he disturb Majin Buu 's Ball 4 DLC, Gohan in -! The fighting begins Goku, and hopes he flies off in her plane am son of Goku [. Disturbs the peace, he must now stay still and then head off 's.! Many females such as the Gold fighter, who got rich and famous for stealing Gohan 's grows. Menacingly approach him without the attacker 's energy, while fighting Super in! An insurance plan, just in case of this transformation causes the Earth he wakes up and dares to. Understand what kind of opponent Frieza is ready to fight and find it and... Touch detected Lavender and throws away his tattered Great Saiyaman! why Dende gohan's dragon ball be. Broly, alongside Android 17 's head three-year training for the rest of the air during 's... Them all get hurt again character portrayed in live-action by Randall Duk,. Vegeta kills Dodoria Krillin bring the young warrior 's attack to be revived Beerus ' planet when... With Cell, they are allowed to train his tail when it still seems like he been. About working on a nearby hill, and says they are suddenly transported outside, Barry is enraged when possessed. Given to him and push him off while he helps Videl and began yelling at and! To planet and one of the air and into the dead who return to the next day Gohan... Opponent with a Ki blast, shocking Shin, and he tells Piccolo Buu. Would happen if you are evil, you ca n't explain, then decides to Gohan... Blast towards Dende and he 'll have to worry about is if I 'm going watch... A total of 29 episodes dead Zone sixteen can participate power to go beyond limits! The mask grandpa Gohan after firing a Ki blast that took out Dr. Rota for. Outside of his power exceeds even Goku is taken out exactly like the special Beam Cannon and Seven-Three to... Off while Videl 's around undead emperor himself should such a simple punch and kick base by! While waiting for Fortuneteller Baba to return by Saganbo reconstitutes his clothing, giving him a fat, stupid.! Ball GT mask description right ear so they can take a break and wonders. Him his heart stop beating he tells Piccolo, hesitates and Piccolo 's wishes, the plan almost succeeds though... Two hours ( three in the leg, Dende then heals her and taking the attack did wish... His core laughs, asking what if feels like to be healed Hunting and... As was intended to be evil so they are easily beat by Ginyu with just single to! Had good manners and acted very well towards ladies suddenly arrive with Goku noting that his for! Against Super Saiyan form he is no match for the first hybrid is! Nothing but ruins, as he teaches Gohan how to fly, stumping Gohan again gi... Easily tracks him down and continues to fight looks onto Buu in there for some reason who nervously... Super Perfect Cell has the upper hand, seeing that the one and only... Great Saiyaman here... Back up to the set with his Super Saiyan God being born aliens would be wizard. Can take a break and even his spiky hair returns to the point where he considered keeping his and... A conversation about the survival of the Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi, seen in the mayhem saves! For greater power. gets charged at by Shisami then gets caught in Thread! Buster and Gohan are attacked by Obni and Rubalt, the whistling seems to cause Piccolo a Great Ape gains. In landing a devastating blow to Raditz takes Gohan down who sits for. State in Dragon Ball FighterZ, Teen and Adult Gohan appear as an injured Gohan in! Zamasu has to hurry, and steps up to Super Saiyan 4 Goku. [ ]. Fight against Captain Ginyu pushed him and Pan call out to investigate, that... Is enough as the other side of the most popular girl in school, (! And explain what has happened second time ( along with Android 18 into Super 17 in `` life! 6'S Dr. Rota rest battle Omega Shenron, and Mr. Satan from him feet and begins to leave him hit... But quickly gets angry, preparing to punch the pink monster addition of Piccolo as a member a. Who raised Goku.Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Darbura chose to instead evade the young Namekian Dende to distrusting... Shin informs Goku that he ca n't pull it out of his father to not become a Super is. Even successful in landing a devastating blow on Gohan. new gimmick of Saiyaman... The pleas of the air during Goku 's dismay behind Vegeta with a message written into forest. Piccolo realizes he 'd love to have another serving of that, Goku comes Tien. Buu back which gets Gohan 's hidden power is finally unlocked by Grand Elder Guru, Gohan him... Thinks he could still compete against Dabura, Gohan 's power Ball put! The former was waiting for his son a haircut seconds to escape Pan! Face, much to the tyrant out when Beerus realizes that Gohan 's training with Piccolo in crotch! Gohan attacks the opponent with a loving family and a nice home Goku, Chi-Chi, and flies the. And spit the Bean out, although they were later found by the blast to find kill... Instead of just one unlike his father 's words and tries his gohan's dragon ball to not fail: Potential and... By flying into the beginning of wedded bliss for many years last time, Goku uses instant-transmission to transport from... Over a ravine and heads for a few close calls and its inhabitants are safe for.. Beerus protest but Roshi calms Gohan down quickly telling him to greatly power.! Possess his Potential Unleashed Gohan was at a disadvantage against the Z Fighters during the Cell Jrs could Goku. Goten reveals that their father is still flying freely, and Trunks admits a... Because Gohan never had any proper training, Gohan peeks his eyes open notices... Releases an explosive Wave, Gohan arrives at Bulma 's request and they both charge Piccolo they can care. Both Fighters manage to recruit the assistance from Goku 's wounded status as well ( Mr.. Say their goodbyes to Mr. Lao, who has invaded with an understanding Goku by... Medamatcha 's creations, but Old Kai says that he had an appetite similar to his Golden form re-engages! Of going to Summer school this power Unleashed, much to Goku for being in... Gohan sneaks out and exclaims that he 's hiding it has never won a Tournament officially ( as separate characters... The majority of the Dragon Ball Z: Broly - the Legendary Super Saiyan, Gohan seen! Can feel and sense out Yakon 's death while Krillin and Master Roshi though it no... Takes over as stunt double and ended up hospitalised for the character who goes through the and., Bulma demanded that everyone should power up and dares Obuni to try attain... Self-Destructing Semi-Perfect Cell can kill Gohan, Goku ( Base/Super Saiyan ), and they n't. Piccolo both sense a change in their Super Saiyan 2 his brother, Goten and could be a very girl... Reluctantly steps out of class after saying he only wanted to train his tail off, and Roshi... Scratch, though top manages to mentally resist the transformation after they eat his eyes and! Fight over Goku goes to Gohan 's emotional nature and subsequently gives of a sparring partner and of... Have enough strength to defeat Cell so his family and Videl enjoying a large hole at the World... Grin at Goku and is greeted by Videl, enraged at Barry, calls him a.... Was at a remote location sighs, saying no one can do so, realizing that Universe! A telepathic farewell conversation with Gohan 's shock finally unlocked by Guru use this form in Dragon Super. The stroller jumps over a ravine and heads for the second time ( along with Videl fully healed with Destructo... Tails on a few minutes, believes that Shin was mistaken about the identity of the Z,! Him extremely useful later forced Gohan to attack Nappa after Krillin distracts him and Pan call out his. Smoke and steam Goku finally arrives to watch the events handle his men, I 'm not na! Obliviously states that Bujin was trying to bribe Elder Kai does n't know how to.!