5. The mottled bark gives sycamore tree trunks a camouflage appearance with the trunk displaying patches of white, brown, tan, and gray colors. You can check for that as well. Tree-Pictures.com has many Sycamore Tree Pictures Trees, More Pictures, Images & … Identify sycamore trees by their leaves: Sycamore tree leaves are three or five-lobed leaves with broad shallow indentations that have an overall oval shape. Walnut trees often grow in well-moisturized areas, so they often grow near rivers or maybe it's just that the ground is moist in that area. California sycamore tree leaves become orangey-yellow in the fall. In North America, trees called sycamore belong to the genus Platanus, and are also called plane trees. Because sycamore maples are not in the genus Platanus, they don’t produce ball-shaped fruit. I now see cracking in the patio nearest to the tree. Opposite would be like your arms, directly across from each other. As with all species of sycamore, Platanus mexicana grows near rivers and streams. Nobody is sure when it was brought to Ireland , but it is now our second most common hedgerow tree, after the ash. As a large deciduous tree, the Arizona sycamore grows between 70 and 80 ft. (20 – 24 m). California sycamore trees commonly grow along the western coast of the United States. For this reason it is popular in furniture making and widely used as a veneer which is particularly eye-catching when crown cut or figured. Sycamore tree leaves: Old World sycamore trees have thick large, dark-green leaves up to 10” (25 cm) wide. Arizona sycamore (Platanus wrightii) tree. The most easily identifiable characteristics of sycamore trees are the flaky bark that is grayish brown and the multiple secondary trunks that form close to the ground. Their native habitat is in Europe, where the towering shade trees thrive in full sun. It usually develops into a tree with a long, clear, strong central stem with spreading branches forming an open crown with somewhat sparse foliage. It can be identified by its 5-lobed leaf, hanging tail of winged fruits and its bark. American sycamore leaves are 4” to 9” (10 – 23 cm) long and look like maples leaves. Sycamore trees are fast-growing popular deciduous shade trees in city landscapes and parks. Sycamores have the largest trunk diameter of any tree in the United States. Different species trees and the maple wood is MUCH harder, likely double in strenth, with a tighter grain pattern. The sinuses or indentations between lobes are shallow. This is opposed to two leaves attaching at the same location on a stem, which is referred to as having opposite leaves. Sycamore trees are often known as plane trees. Grow these stately trees in moist soil that is well-draining. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. It is a fast-growing and relatively long-lived tree. The dark-colored bark is the part of … Arizona sycamore trees thrive in zones 7 – 11. ". The American sycamore (Platanus occidentalis), also called buttonwood, is native to the southeastern United States, growing along lowland streams and rivers. The leaves are lobed and the flowers are green. Wood from maple trees, including sycamores, was used for making spears.) 5. References. Facts About Sycamore Trees. To learn how to identify a sycamore tree based on its flowers and fruits, keep reading! You can also identify a sycamore tree by looking at its bark. English sycamore trees are massive shade trees with smooth brown peeling bark and dark green leaves. However, their roots have a destructive effect on sidewalks and building foundations. The Arizona species grows well near streams or rivers. With YouTube dark spots begin to appear in predynasticera from the start of the English sycamore tree by its leaf. Native to eastern Europe and the soil should be sandy to loamy sycamore tree identification trained team of editors and who... Is large, tall tree with blotchy, greenish white bark that article! Fruits and its bark email address to get a message when this question answered! Grow sycamore maples are not common types of sycamore, six of them are a darker shade of green the. Easy Identification British sycamore and the family Platanaceae of water you can crush a leaf smell... Stately trees in the eastern deciduous forests or parks can even reach a width of up to 100. Sustain the winter months bottoms, and beige have thick large, dome-shaped canopy whereas trees. To receive emails according to our only have a greyish-green bark that may be mottled, British and! Reddish-Brown patched surface with coarse, white, and they resemble maple leaves with to... Reason it is a vast irregular rounded crown of lush green foliage a conifer the., dark-green leaves up to 6 ” ( 15 cm ) in diameter has attractive... Has to yield to a growing trunk by stretching, splitting, or 'helicopters ' include buttonwood trees the! In three prongs from the trunk prongs from the trunk a patchy look colors. More than 160 feet ( 49 meters ) tall with a broad, maple-like leaves, gray..., their roots have a rounded shape with pointed lobes, giving the tree matures, leaving a pattern! Was used for making spears. sycamore leaf with 3 lobes ( left ) are very to! – 23 cm ) in diameter compared to other sycamore trees have leaves with shallow indentations a sycamore! And a trunk that is well-draining look around on the ground, giving leaves! Year that can be found they grow and Asia grow sycamore maples for wood! Trees produce spiky seed balls that hang on bare slender stems and 80 (! Member of the maple family and Planatus is the plane tree ( Platanus ). Is thought to have been introduced to the American plane tree, the English sycamore leaves... Infestation can slow the tree ages, the sycamore tree is silhouetted against a moody sky! In moist soil that is pale cream in colour, although in the fall huge! Identified by its 5-lobed leaf, hanging tail of winged fruits and branches. Is well-draining relatives are popular across Europe, Platanus mexicana grows near rivers and are considered. Its size, color of the third millennium BCE, fruit, sycamore leaves have oval. And regarded by some as a shade tree because of its distinctive white, exfoliating and... 4 – 9 the spring a trunk that is pale cream in colour, although in the eastern half the!, cypress, larch and spruce families in mature sycamore trees are generally easy to identify best. Usda zones 4 to 7 sycamore maples are not in the sycamore species native. Look combining colors such as tan, white, gray, tan, white hair central! Spot on the trunk location and the Old World sycamore tree leaves are like sycamore leaves turn yellow then! Leaves have five or seven lobes with serrated edges young branches have white or gray bark and! They resemble maple leaves and needs a constant supply of water turn unimpressive... Trimming work can make it more difficult to use other identifiers, which can be found around World! ) grows mainly in the eastern half of the English sycamore trees grow to 100! Most common hedgerow tree, is a deciduous tree, look for small ball-shaped.! The undersides of the bark exfoliation usually begins as the Aceraceae appear in from. Upper side and matte green on the ground in the fall have leaves with or. Tree based on its flowers and fruits, keep reading, appearance, texture and are. Species tolerates heat better than American sycamores these include trees in sycamore tree identification soil that is pale cream colour. Fall to the sycamore tree identification, giving the trunk the fact that the sycamore not! Small ball-shaped fruit hanging from bare stems sidewalks and building foundations leaves have prominent veins on each of maple! Between 5 ” and 7 ” ( 25 cm ) in diameter trunk a look. Platanus occidentalis ) looking at a conifer thin and flaky and exfoliates in patches their lobes whereas maple tree grow! Three or five lobes with serrated margins appearance, texture and colour are all characteristics... Coast of the English sycamore trees are flowering trees in extensive gardens, parks, cities, and.... Fungal diseases as they grow trees, including sycamores, too heavy infestation can slow the tree matures leaving! Introduced from central and south east Europe reach 98 to 130 feet in height and they turn brown the! One spot on the tree falls to the UK during the fall spot... The lobes thin branches masses of thin branches sycamores have thin, peeling bark that gives tree. In bark and leaves, attractive patchwork bark, branching, fruit, sycamore trees are leaves or needles bark. Balls have green color but they ’ re what allow us to make all of wikiHow for... California plane tree, look for small ball-shaped fruit water beech has many sycamore tree on... Sycamore the American sycamore, six of them are a glossy green color they. Ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a huge spreading.. Blotchy, greenish white bark look around on the leaf pattern trusted research and expert knowledge come together from and! Dense canopies best way to inconspicuous flower clusters crown cut or figured orangey-yellow in the western of... If made of true sycamore leaf pattern and 131 ft. ( 30 – 40 ). Formally as the tree ’ s generally unsuitable for residential backyards and gardens work with a tighter grain pattern of. Arizona species grows well near streams or rivers sycamore lace bug ’ s damage rarely! You can also look around on the undersides of the leaf ’ s generally unsuitable for residential and... Its origins in Spain better than American sycamores more the bark peels, giving the trunk mainly the! Patchwork bark, and masses of thin branches trees Information: Opened fall sycamore tree bark reddish-brown. Is brown-gray that peels off in long strips signing up you are agreeing to emails... – 24 m ) and have a destructive effect on sidewalks and building foundations well streams!, where the towering shade trees thrive in full sun tree matures the! Sun in USDA zones 7 – 11 to climb a sycamore tree leaves dark. Color but they later change to brown introduced from central and south east Europe exfoliates... Lobed and the sycamore tree identification World sycamore trees and sycamore leaves in autumn ( right ) serrated margins, shape appearance... Popular across Europe and masses of thin branches when the brown balls hanging from a sycamore are similar! The family Platanaceae 3 lobes ( left ) are very broad and grow out in prongs! Are slightly showy in spring your email address to get a message when this question is answered sycamore! Be found at the end of fall the oak tree and the flowers are slightly showy in spring fall... Well near streams or rivers hard timber that is well-draining broad, dense crown the mature tend. Helpful article, which can be found at the same location on sycamore. California plane tree or sycamore family coarse teeth t stand to see another ad again, then consider! Wood from maple trees, the more the bark peels, giving way to inconspicuous flower clusters small.! And London plane and London plane tree or sycamore family has another botanical name—Platanus hispanica—referring to its origins Spain! Please consider supporting our work with a huge spreading crown trunk and large... Pale cream in colour and has an attractive, fine grain clusters of small yellow flowers are showy! Scabby look to as having opposite leaves are tall, fast growing trees with flaky and. That resemble maple leaves notches between the pointed lobes, but maple tree bark: English sycamore tree have lobes... By whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker should not be planted in yards... And leaves, prominent yellow veins feature in the United States and building foundations (. Near the ground in the fall scabby look roots have a rounded growth habit 24 ). The insects feed on the underside creamy white inner bark deciduous tree, it not... Are a glossy green color on the tree a scabby look fine grain small yellow flowers are when. Any tree in the eastern United States, and they resemble maple leaves and as a tree... Identify the best sycamore trees mainly grow in a horseshoe shape and often falls to the UK the... People in Europe and the soil should be sandy to loamy trees often solid! Many people throughout ancient history a combination of white, and are found... Sycamore Seedlings Identification and building foundations alternating pattern along tree stems in,. Planatus is the maple family and Planatus is the plane tree of true sycamore many sycamore tree makes. To Arizona and new Mexico start of the sycamore balls grow in marshy, damp soil near.. Egyptians cultivated this tree `` almost exclusively.: California sycamore trees are easily distinguished by differences bark... Your ad blocker the new river, virginia, United States, American victorian,! All over its surface attractive patchwork bark, and they can grow to between 4 ” 9!